Monster Sex Stories – Fucked By My Vampire Ex Boyfriend

“Stop it Phil. For the nth time, I am not getting back together with you!”

Claire struggled against Phil’s iron grip on her arm. Her pretty face was contorted with fury and fear as Phil led her into a dark alley. She felt like a child being dragged by a bear as Phil’s 6’2” bulk easily manhandled her petite frame. He slammed her against the alley wall.

“I told you I’m sorry Claire! I didn’t mean to hit you. I was just drunk and you were acting like a bitch” Phil said, his eyes pleading. The rank smell of hard liquor emanated from his body. He looked disheveled, his face covered with a month’s worth of hair. His large hands were holding on to Claire with desperation, causing her pale skin to slightly bruise.

“I was acting like a bitch?!! Phil, you cheated on me! With my damn office-mate. How the hell was I supposed to act?”

“Look, it was a mistake. Things just happened. But I love you Claire. C’mon Claire, we belong together.” Phil said. He tried to force a bearded kiss on her. His drunken breath caused Claire to instinctively recoil with disgust. Phil’s eyes flashed in anger when he saw Claire’s face, which was twisted with distaste. With a low growl, he gripped Claire’s arm tighter, making Claire yelp in pain.

“I said no Phil! No! Phil, stop it, you’re hurting me, you beast. Stop it!” Claire pleaded as she again tried to twist away from her irate ex-boyfriend. Phil reacted by grabbing a handful of Claire’s brown hair, jerking her head closer to his for a kiss. Claire reacted with ferocity, kicking and screaming.


Phil and Claire turned their heads to see who had spoken. They stood frozen as a tall, slender figure came out of the shadows. He was dressed in black, a leather jacket covering his torso. The moonlight reflected off his exposed pale hands as he stroked his chin thoughtfully. The man smiled, flashing a row of unnaturally brilliant teeth. His smile dripped pure malice as he looked at the quarreling pair.

Phil seemed to regain his composure. He took a step back and interposed himself between Claire and the stranger. Claire instinctively cringed behind the man who was hurting her moments before. She felt a surge of unnatural fear.

“This is none of your business. We were just arguing a bit.” Phil said, an edge to his voice. ”You best move on now man.”

The stranger smiled in amusement. He calmly took a step forward, closing the distance between him and the frightened pair.

“Look pal, for the last time, don’t come any closer. We don’t want any trouble” Phil said. The sight of this strange man had sobered him up. He was tense, ready to fight or flee.

The stranger smiled as he continued to walk closer to the pair. His steps were sure, smooth. His form seemed to shimmer in the moonlight.

“I warned you, step away!” Phil yelled as he threw a roundhouse punch. His large frame lent weight to his fist but the man effortlessly swatted his beefy arm away. The stranger stepped inside the arc made by Phil’s swing, his cold gaze holding Phil’s eyes. Phil felt his desire to fight the guy wavering. With a roar, he summoned his will, fighting against the intense pressure emanating from the stranger. He took another swing, but this time, the stranger’s slender hands caught it in a vise-like grip. Phil could feel his tendons straining as the stranger twisted his arm behind his back. With a sigh the stranger flicked a cold tongue onto the neck of Phil’s skin. Phil shuddered in disgust. He struggled against the man’s surprising strength but his efforts were futile.

Claire watched in horror as the stranger calmly leaned his head towards Phil’s neck. Claire saw a flash of white teeth and then all her attention became riveted to the thin stream of blood that trickled from Phil’s neck. Phil’s eyed widened and then his gaze became lifeless, his eyeballs wandering in their sockets.

“Stop it! Stop whatever you’re doing to him. God W-what are you!” Claire sobbed. The stranger ignored her, still feeding off of Phil. Phil was beginning to slump, his face was becoming a pale mask.

“Phil!” Claire cried.

Phil tried to focus. He turned his eyes to Claire’s tear-streaked face and with supreme effort mouthed a single word.


Claire saw Phil’s lips move. She understood the message but she was frozen, staring blankly at sight of the strange man drinking blood from Phil’s neck. Her thoughts were in turmoil. Her mind replayed the image of the man biting Phil’s neck. The flowing drop of blood. Phil’s pallid face. His dead eyes.


Phil put all his will into shouting the word. Claire was shook out of her reverie. With a gasp she turned and scrambled away from Phil and the stranger.

She was thrown back immediately.

Claire raised her head and saw a thin girl looking at her with starved eyes. The girl was dressed in rags, showing her almost desiccated flesh. Her pale, slender limbs were fraught with thin scratches. The girl looked expectantly at the man who was now wiping Phil’s blood off his lips with a white handkerchief.

She’s yours, Tori.

The girl smiled a wolfish grin. She lunged at Claire. Her movements were jerky, but fast. She took a swipe at Claire, her long nails managing to rip a portion of Claire’s clothing. A huge gash bled from where the girl’s nails came into contact with Claire’s arm.

Seeing the blood, the girl let out a maniacal laugh. She approached Claire slowly. Claire backed away and felt someone behind her.

She turned and saw the strange man looking at her with mesmerizing eyes. Claire tried to look away, but she couldn’t. His eyes held her, kept her frozen. She could feel the girl behind her coming closer, but she couldn’t move.

You’re a pretty one.

The man’s voice was ice cold. So were his fingers as they traced the outline of Claire’s jaw. The man’s hand moved lower, caressing her neck gently. Claire felt the girl come up behind her, the girl’s body pushing against her back. A hand caressed her breast. Another reached under her skirt and started stroking her smooth thighs. The man bent lower, his breath like ice on Claire’s neck. She felt something sharp, twin fangs pressing against her skin.

Suddenly, the man in front of her was thrown sideways. The man’s spell broken, Claire threw an elbow at the girl behind her, using every muscle in her body to expend the maximum amount of force. The girl reeled back, stunned not at Claire’s strength but at the fate of her master.

Phil, blood streaming down his neck, staining his blue shirt, was on top of the strange man, pummeling him with fists the size of beer cans. The man was desperately trying to shield himself from Phil’s vicious blows, his face shocked, but Phil continued to beat him down savagely.


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